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We have extensive software development experience in the following areas: value stream management platforms, ERP's, CRM's, high-precision calculations, online education, electronic trading, data management systems, agricultural technologies, government platforms, mobile communications,

Several projects which we done and how we help our customer:

A platform for automating the processes of a network of exchange offices

Technology stack:  .NET, Angular, PostgreSQL

Product requirements: Provide a complete set of tools for conducting business processes described in the terms of reference. One of the main processes: identification of fraud cases from the staff of branches of exchange offices, conducting money exchange operations, calculating the most favorable exchange rates, synchronization with external services.

Result: A platform was made, thanks to which, due to the detection of fraud cases, the customer's company received in the first year 14,3% more profit, than in similar years, taking into account fraudulent schemes on the part of the staff. Due to electronic business management, savings were also obtained on the salaries of those who were mainly engaged in paperwork. The functionality of booking a course for a certain time was also introduced, due to which it was possible to increase the flow of customers .

A platform for managing marketing entities

Technology stack:  .NET, WCF, MSSQL

Service requirements:

  • Ensure system stabilization
  • Identify information security bottlenecks
  • To think over a new way of communication between the elements of the system
  • Ensure the stability of the platform to high loads (more than 100 requests per second)
  • Implement several new statistical tools


  • Implemented load balancer, auto-deployment of new instances of services
  • The code is covered by tests by 80% - as far as it was possible
  • Now, due to the coverage of tests, it is possible to catch problems at the development stage, previously, everything was clarified in production, customers suffered, some even refused to use the platform, and the customer incured losses.
  • Due to stabilization and automated testing, it was possible to reduce the staff of the support team by nearly twice.
  • Due to the introduction of new tools, the customer is now able to identify target audiences more accurately , therefore, it is more expensive to sell such data.

Project management platform

Technology stack:  .NET, Angular, ExtJS, MSSQL

Service requirements:

  • Transfer the main part of the functionality to new technologies
  • Implement new functionality according to the set technical task
  • Come up with and implement a way to stabilize product support costs
  • Implement a new monetization process


  • Part of the functionality migrated to Angular
  • 43 new tools were implemented for the customer's clients
  • Due to stabilization and automated testing, it was possible to redistribute the forces of the customer's team.
  • . A subscription system for various platform functionality was implemented, which made it possible to identify customer needs better, and also increased profits на 12%.

Development of electronic trading platforms

Technology stack:  .NET Core, Vue 2.x, PostgreSQL, Electronic Signatures

Service requirements:

  • Implement a new platform based on an old and very unstable one
  • Make the platform easily supported and extendable


  • We transferred 54 modules of the old system to new technologies.
  • Almost everything is covered by automated tests.
  • The domain model has been completely redesigned.
  • We added a new mechanism for auditing any actions with the system.
  • Cost optimization occurred by redistributing the forces of the customer's team, as well as through the use of free tools: the Debian runtime environment, the PostgreSQL database.
  • Very detailed documentation has been written on the expansion of functionality, as well as the development of the system.

A product for accounting of school canteens

Technology stack:  .NET Framework, Angular, React, MSSQL, Reporting services,

Service requirements:

  • Improvement and support of an existing product
  • Gradual transfer of the FRONT part to Angular


  • The financial model of the enterprise is automated
  • Automated processes of sending statistical data on indicators, employees, etc. to state agencies
  • Implemented the automatic construction of multiple reports
  • 12 modules of the old system have been transferred to the new technology
  • Implemented tools to manage bank accounts, purchases
  • Implemented inventory tools
  • Implemented the management calendar
As a result of the implementation of the described tools, the company has reduced fixed costs by 25%. And it got more space to develop and sell its products

Online education platform

Technology stack:  .NET Core, React, MongoDB, AWS Twilio Stripe

Service requirements: Implement and launch an online training platform to organize group and personal classes with the best coaches around the world.


  • Decomposition of the subject area was carried out
  • Developed according to the customer's terms of reference
  • The first releasecame out half a year after development began

Social network for the development of the agricultural industry (startup)

Technology stack:  .NET 5, Vue 3, PostgreSQL, Twilio Microservices

Service requirements:

  • Implement mutual search of agronomists and farmers according to various criteria
  • Provide the opportunity to exchange messages, photos, videos
  • Provide the possibility of audio-video calls
  • Provide an opportunity to obtain a loan for the client's agricultural needs
  • Implement a credit implementation control module by analyzing the stages of crop growth in Agricultural fields
  • Internal credit rating subsystem for accounting in banks


  • The platform was implemented with some modifications, and also put into operation
  • Due to the credit rating modules, banks began to make a tougher check of agronomists and farmers
  • Due to the exchange of experience, the growth of business competencies in the agricultural sector is expected
  • A product monetization system has been introduced, mainly through the selection and sale of modern business tools in the agricultural sector

A system for determining boundary situations in the betting area

Technology stack:  .NET, Angular, MSSQL, Real time monitoring

Service requirements:

  • Get rid of losses incurred due to FORK situations
  • Implement an analytical system for determining FORK situations in the field of sports betting
  • Provide external service for partners


  • A system has been developed for real-time analysis of bets between a group of bookmakers
  • Due to the detection of FORK situations used by scammers, it was possible to increase the company's profit by 37%