Dedicated team

We take care of all technical issues, from team selection to putting the product into operation, so that you can focus on the product.

** Minimum of 1 person for a minimum of 3 months.

What is a dedicated team?

It can best be compared to having your own employees: developers, testers, integrators, documentors, project managers, and other people. This costs a fixed amount per month, which includes the salary for each employee. You have no obligations of the employer, as the employee is officially registered in our company. On a daily basis, you must set tasks for the team. At the same time, you have unlimited freedom to use the team at your own option, without having to negotiate the time, price, and scale with anyone but yourself.

Select a team for the project

The hourly rate is 30% lower than when working on a project basis.

The ability to recruit employees with the required qualifications.

Unlimited freedom to determine the scope of the project without agreeing on the time and price.

Working on SCRUM

We recommend the flexible development methodology of SCRUM. We divide the development process into stages - 2-week sprints. We hold daily meetings on Skype to be able to monitor progress, coordinate tasks, and work out the weaknesses and strengths of the sprint.

Stable team

It is easier to explain what needs to be done. The minimum number of misunderstandings contributes to the improvement of quality and efficiency.


Years of experience/Experienced


of developers/developers






project managers

We do the whole work ourselves: from collecting requirements and prototyping to publications and assistance.

  • 1
    Consulting in the field of IT solutions development

    Professional consulting in the field of IT solutions development.

  • 2
    Project Evaluation

    Detailed project evaluation, calculation, timeline.

  • 3
    Development of business logic and terms of reference

    Marketing analysis, a full range of technical documentation development, including all business logic and a product launch plan.

  • 4

    Prototyping, concept testing, user interface development, UI/UX.

  • 5
    Project development

    Full development cycle with serious quality control.

  • 6

    Integration of the application with external systems - payment systems, billing, accounting, control systems, and much more.

  • 7
    Testing and launching

    Comprehensive testing and application launch, posting on servers.

  • 8
    Marketing plan and project promotion

    A full range of services for promotion in the network, and if desired - outside of it.

  • 9
    Support and maintenance

    A full range of application support services: from monitoring the system operation to upgrading. Manage updates.

***Preliminary project evaluation: standard tasks - about 4 hours; unique requests - from 1 to 5 days.