Web Development

We create user-friendly, functional web applications that help companies solve their daily business tasks.

Our web applications meet today's market demands:

  • High security requirements

  • Project scalability

  • Flexible architecture

  • Integration with third-party services

  • Storing large amounts of data

  • User-oriented interface

  • Order the web application development

Unique design

Such an application is truly an author's work. Design, shapes, dimensions, structure, elements - all this is made from scratch to meet the specific needs of the customer. We create a unique design so you'd never find a similar app in the net. The code is written from scratch. It's simple and easy to edit => improvements are simpler and cheaper.

Modern Frontend

The use of such technologies for your future application as Angular, React, Vue depends on the specifics and the customer's wishes. The modern Typescript language is perfect for writing flexible and easily supported applications. To speed up, we use Server Side Rendering, as well as many other technologies.

Quality control

This field is one of the most important in our work, because the size of profit depends on it. We do the following activities to achieve optimal results: logic testing(automated and manual), automated load testing, cross-browser testing, usability testing, security testing.


We integrate apps with third-party services, applications, clouds(Azure, AWS, etc.), payment systems, CRM and ERP.

Powerful and convenient Backend

For the server component of the application, we use the most reliable fault-tolerant technologies: ASP.NET Core 3, Rabbit MQ, Docker, Load balancer, etc. We provide a convenient data management system.


We set a team of several people to support the product: implementing new requirements, refining the UI, optimizing performance in some cases, fixing bugs, writing tests, switching to new technologies, etc.


Years of experience








Global reach

We do the whole work ourselves: from collecting requirements and prototyping to publications and assistance.

  • 1
    Consulting in the field of web development

    Professional consulting in the field of web application development. Strategy development, technology selection.

  • 2
    Project Evaluation

    Detailed project evaluation, calculation, timeline.

  • 3
    Development of business logic and terms of reference

    Marketing analysis, a full range of technical documentation development, including all business logic and a product launch plan.

  • 4

    Prototyping, concept testing, user interface development, UI/UX.

  • 5
    Project development

    Full development cycle with serious quality control.

  • 6

    Integration of the application with external systems - payment systems, billing, accounting, control systems, and much more.

  • 7
    Testing and launching

    Complex testing and application launch, publishing on servers.

  • 8
    Marketing plan and project promotion

    A full range of services for promoting the application on the Web.

  • 9
    Support and maintenance

    A full range of application support services: from monitoring the system operation to upgrading. Update management.

***Preliminary project evaluation: standard tasks - about 4 hours; unique requests - from 1 to 5 days.